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Smooth access to your buildings and spaces is part of a smart, shared and connected infrastructure. Accessy is a service that not only provides you with such an infrastructure, but also offers overview and remote control.

In addition to freeing up time and money, which would otherwise have been spent on key management, our smart access makes it possible to open up your shared spaces in an innovative and flexible way. This creates a new type of income source that is as groundbreaking as it is simple. It is an industry-leading approach that - in addition to changing the view of competency - will also make it possible to meet the new challenges created by the sharing economy.

Accessy is backed by major industry partners that guarantee high quality, reliability and future-proofing. By replacing time-consuming and expensive key and tag management with personal access, the property's revenue increases while operating costs decrease. It is simple and flexible, while freeing up resources that can be invested in other parts of the business.

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Partners for access control systems

Accessy works with most leading access control systems. If you have an access control system that is not on the list, we will solve it - provided that there is a documented API.

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and operating partners

An installation or operating partner is always present to ensure that the lock and door are connected correctly. We work with those who have a past reputation and who meet our requirements.


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Application partners

If you have a booking app, real estate app or other app that you want to connect to Accessy, you just need to integrate with our API. We handle the rest, regardless of which system is used.

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