How Accessy works

Imagine, the doors around you knew you were there and then could ask you if you wanted them to open. You could move freely and have the access you need when you need it. Simply a smarter solution that works for you, on your terms. But can this vision be a reality?

It is! And it’s called Accessy.

With our smart access service and mobile app, access becomes what it was always meant to be - easy, smooth, and secure. The spaces in your surroundings are opened up in a completely new way.

It’s time to step into the future. Forgetting or losing keys, replacing expensive locks, or worrying about security are a thing of the past. With Accessy, you get access to the spaces you need through your mobile. Accessy is a comprehensive service that gives you control, it allows you to give access to others remotely and withdraw it when needed. Whether you are managing access to a single door or a thousand doors - Accessy makes it fast & easy in every situation anywhere, anytime.

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Integrates with your system

Accessy is connected to your existing access control system and no physical installation is required. It's fast and you do not have to do anything at all. You can of course also connect new locks directly to the service if you do not need a complete access control system.

You only pay for how much you use Accessy.

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Safe and reliable

Accessy's service is secure and reliable. Your mobile number is your identity, and with this, you can log into the app and the portal. With the app, you can then unlock doors. And in the portal, you can control who should have access to which spaces and add users.

Accessy is based on the corresponding technology used in BankID, it is security at its best. In addition, old keys, tags, and codes continue to work as before.

Share spaces

Accessy means that properties, premises, homes, garages, lockers, gyms, schools and other things can be used more efficiently. Today these are empty and unused most of the day. We can remedy this: share the space with a company that in turn can invite others to come in. It is climate-friendly, smart and cost-effective.

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How much does Accessy cost?

Accessy is a subscription service where we ensure everything works smoothly. You access the service through the app, the portal and our API (programming interface). There are two different price options; either you pay for how much of the service is used -or it is possible to set a fixed price that is determined by the volume of subscriptions, members, administrators and connected doors.

You can start using Accessy without having your own doors connected. Then someone else must share spaces with doors that you can manage, such as common spaces in a property where you have an office. Those who handle access for members are called administrators - and as an administrator, you can then invite Accessy users by the users mobile number so that they become members of the subscription. Then you give them access to spaces.

This is done either by connecting an access control system with software or by physically installing our control units on site. To carry out the installation, you can get help from one of our installers or integration partners, who we will help you contact. If doors are connected with our control units, a monthly fee will be added for the subscriptions used to connect the doors. The monthly fee includes monitoring of the connection and a mobile subscription. How many subscriptions are needed depends on what the installation looks like). A subscription for all doors may be enough or additional subscriptions could be needed if they are far apart.

With an API account, one of our application partners can manage the service. It can, for example, be a booking app that will provide access to a space during a specified booked time.

Does that sound complicated? Don’t worry - our sales department are happy to help you sort out the concepts and of course also assist with a personal quote based on your specific circumstances. We also carry out free demonstrations on site so you can review the possibilities with Acessy.

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Are Vang, SimonsVoss Technologies

"Accessy's solution with open systems based on APIs is the way forward for both property owners and tenants"

Are Vang, SimonsVoss Technologies
Gabriel Andersson på Profi Fastigheter

“Installing Accessy's digital locking system right from the start was spot on. Smoother for both our tenants and for us. We avoid all traditional card and key management, which saves both time and money, and the tenants get access to our office hotel at once. ”

Gabriel Andersson på Profi Fastigheter
Peter Östman Chef kommunikation och IT på Vasakronan

“With a common standard for digital key management, Accessy solves several challenges that exist today. It will facilitate all flows of deliveries to the properties and tenants will be able to connect more services to their workplace. ”

Peter Östman Chef kommunikation och IT på Vasakronan
Fredrik Sidhagen, vd på RCO Security AB

“For us, the collaboration with Accessy is exciting as it shows what is possible with our open systems based on APIs. Our collaboration means that we can offer a safe and flexible solution to the real estate companies ”

Fredrik Sidhagen, vd på RCO Security AB
Niclas Ingeström, CDO Castellum

Accessy is like a counterpart to the mobile payment service Swish. Digital keys will make life easier for our customers and ourselves as property owners ”

Niclas Ingeström, CDO Castellum
Christer Björkman, Vasakronan

"With Accessy, we avoid our previous handling of keys, tags and cards"

Christer Björkman, Vasakronan

Administer Accessy

Administrators manage the service via the app or portal. It's easy to invite new members, give access and share spaces with others. We are constantly developing our administrative platform together with our users to create the best experience.

Att använda tjänsten som administratör

Administrators manage the service via the app or portal. It's easy to invite new members, give access and share spaces with others.

Flexible spaces

  • Create spaces by easily naming doors with address, geoposition and photograph for easy identification.
  • Each space can have several functions; in addition to unlocking the door, you can e.g. also turn off the alarm, turn on lights and start air conditioning. All that can be easily done in the same access!
  • Log. about which accesses have been used.
  • High security with selectable security levels (e.g. face recognition in the app and proximity to the current door).

Flexible invitations

  • Invite easily with SMS
    the user gets access as soon as they accept the invitation.
  • Create groups for
    easier handling of several people's access at the same time.
  • Set timed accesses - no need for manual deactivation; everything happens automatically!
  • Clear overview of who has access to which spaces.

Simple administration

  • Easy administration directly in the app; give access, send invitations, deactivate - everything is managed smoothly in the app!
  • Distribute different user roles that can also be combined as needed.
  • Share spaces between different subscriptions.
  • Receive a notice when users request or accept the access invitation.